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Live Brave with Margie Warrell

In today’s fearful world, living bravely has become indispensable for living well. 
Join best-selling author Margie Warrell as she shares practical wisdom and empowering conversations with world-renowned thought leaders such as Marianne Williamson, Steve Forbes, Sri Sri Ravi Shanker and Tal Ben-Shahar that get to the heart of what holds us back. 
This podcast will inspire you to master fear, reframe failure and find the courage to step fully into your own power to enjoy greater success and fulfillment in your work, relationships and life.
Want to be a change maker but too often doubt if you can? Listen, dare, do!

Oct 24, 2018

Few business figures in Australia’s history have suffered such a public and humiliating fall from grace as Warwick Fairfax. At age 26, he took over his family’s 150-year-old media empire and within a few years, the Fairfax media dynasty had ended. In this rare interview, Warwick shares his extraordinary journey of refinding himself after such a public shaming. His ‘hard-won wisdom’ will inspire you to forge a life of greater significance and discover within your hardships and setbacks a far greater sense of purpose than you ever would have otherwise.